Two worlds merge into one

Step into the remarkable world of Lebeau-Courally. A world that is as much about duality as it is about fusion. It is about bringing the best crafts in the world together, to create Masterpieces.

Watches with unique DNA

Lebeau-Courally exclusive watches are manufactured by the most skilled Swiss watchmakers and designed with unique DNA. The DNA of detail derived from the great tradition of bespoke shotguns that has made this Maison renowned all over the world since 1865. The design of each Lebeau-Courally watch pays tribute to its origin. The clef de fusil, the refined lozenge pattern on dial and crown and the ring-shaped case bear witness to the grand tradition of the house. They refer to the legend created by Auguste Lebeau in Belgium from 1865 onwards. In his workshop in Liège he created the ultimate, most desirable shotguns in the world, bespoke to fit the owner’s personality: handcrafted and engraved with meticulous detail. When Ferdinand Courally took over the tradition in 1896, the masterpieces won the hearts of royalty throughout Europe, including the Russian Tsars. Today, the legend lives on.

Reuniting two crafts that were historically one

It was early in the 17th century, in the Swiss hillside canton of Neuchâtel where the two crafts of watch making and gun making found their common origins. Farmers learned how to make not only gun components but also watch components to keep themselves occupied during the long winters. Very often, the same persons in the village developed the skills and the precision needed to create the barrel of a gun and the barrel of a watch. The two crafts have evolved over time. Yet their shared vocabulary bears witness to their common origins, even today: calibre, balance, spring, barrel, etc. Lebeau-Courally brings these historically related Mastercrafts together, in tribute to their origin. Unique watches that bear witness to the Maison’s roots in bespoke shotguns.

You can tell us by the detail

What makes life great and infinite is detail. Detail is the breath in every story. Detail is the brush stroke that makes the drawing come alive. Detail magnifies our lives. It’s from the detail that you can tell a Lebeau-Courally.

Detail is the essence of every piece made and crafted for Lebeau-Courally. Detail is in the choice of every material selected for a Lebeau-Courally watch. Precious metals, stainless steel, 4N gold, mother-of-pearl, certified high quality stones... For a product with such exceptional longevity, the choice of materials is essential. Each wheel, each bridge of the movement, each spring, each element of the case, each leather bracelet or dial is crafted from a material that has been meticulously selected and constantly re-assessed to guarantee its performance and its impeccable aesthetics. Detail is also in the smallest touch of the design, in every stroke of the engraver, adding unique character to an ornament. Detail is in the micromechanical heart of every watch, and it’s in our craftsmen’s eye.

100% Swiss-made, reflecting the orgins of the Maison in Belgium

Defying conventions and embracing complexity have become rare qualities nowadays. Lebeau-Courally brings them to life in its exclusive timepieces. To create a watch collection of timeless beauty and exceptional quality, the Belgian Maison of Lebeau-Courally has sought out the best Swiss watchmakers. Watchmakers who understand the origins of the house and have translated its character into essential design. Watchmakers who have dared to take on the challenge of creating movements and complexities that go further. Think of a new way to display Big Date, a fond officier that opens up with the clef de fusil lever, complex chronograph functions, an exclusive tourbillon. That’s how each watch merges distinctive design with challenging complexities, some of them filed for patent, others award winning, yet always unique.

Refined elegance from the Master’s hand

To celebrate elegance and refinement, Lebeau-Courally has created a unique watch collection expressing femininity and class. Every watch in this collection exudes a harmonious sense of style through the use of high quality stones and gems. All Top Wesselton VVS quality. Each stone is meticulously examined by Lebeau-Courally’s gemmologists to evaluate the quality and trace the authenticity. To ensure that all stones in the complete set of the watch are of the same quality, colour, hue and brilliance, they are sorted by hand, stone by stone. This is only one of the many measures we take to guarantee the enduring beauty of your watch. All stones are carefully hand-set by Master Craftsmen. The precision with which the stones are set on the dial, bezel and lugs is of an exceptionally high level and requires years of experience.